About Me

The Holistic Polymath: ME

IMG_0077Noam Chomsky. James Baldwin. Howard Hughes. Erwin Schrodinger. Leonardo Da Vinci

Familiar names. But what do they have in common? All polymaths. These are people who seemed to defy the status quo to excel in many fields. They combine art with science, music with philosophy, poetry with activism; very much Renaissance men.

I consider myself an aspirational polymath. I’ve never been interested in only one field at a time and I’d like to believe I’ve excelled at the many I’ve tried my hands at. Art, Music, Social Justice, Writing, Politics, International Development and Science.  I’m a firm proponent of a paradigm shift from individual specialization to collaborative learning. No problem in the world is isolated and I believe their solutions lie in an interdisciplinary approach.

This blog is a movement, a journey, an outlet, a mobilization tool, an expression of my many thoughts about life (I have a lot of them). It’s a place for fellow multi-potentialities (or curious “monopaths”) to come together to explore holistic and equitable solutions to issues that affect humans on a global scale. And really, any topic goes!

It’s a place to Change Lives by Changing Attitudes.